Great News! We are now a 501(c)(3) approved ministry!!

We are now officially a 501(c)(3) tax deductible ministry!!
When I left under the covering of my church in Monroe, WA, I. have been without the ability to give tax-deductible receipts to our donors. It has been difficult, but in this past year, through a friend from my time in Brazil who now lives in the U.S., we found a person to help us, and TODAY! I received the approval letter from the IRS.

I am thankful for Lane and the many prayers she has cried out for this approval. Thankful to the Lord to have this status once again.

I know that there have been those who did not continue to support this ministry because we could not give the tax-deductible receipts, and I certainly understand. But now we have the ability to do that once again.

I do want to make clear that ALL donations to Your Servant in Christ Ministries go directly to ministry related activities such as being able to travel to do ministry and solicit opportunities for ministry. Donations give us the opportunity to produce new printed products. I have several prayer guides I have in the “pipeline” and donations would facilitate printing and distribution of these products.
Donations will also enable us to print training materials to distribute during training sessions, and other opportunities.

I am working hard at this time in putting together a number of different Prayer Guides and training materials that support our ministry vision to share with churches, and groups.

I also know that this last year has been tough on everyone. And the times ahead will be challenging, but I just want you to know that if the Lord lays on your heart to help with the vision of Your Servant in Christ Ministries to serve churches —

· That they fulfill the first and great commandment to be God-hungry believers
· Living and ministering in a culture of prayer
· So that together with others in their community,
· They might hunger for and invite God’s Transforming Presence into their lives, their families, their churches, and into their communities
· For the Glory of His Name

Then I want you to know that if you have given in the past, or the Lord lays on your heart to give a one-time or regular monthly gift, we can now provide you with tax-deductible receipts. Praise God!

Thank you for your support over the years, and we look forward to what God will have in the years ahead for His Glory.

Gifts should be made out to Your Servant in Christ Ministries and sent to the address below, or give online on our website at:YSICM Giving Page

Thank you once again for all of your faithful prayers and support… we are richly blessed by each of you.
Steve & Lane

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