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 “When God Transforms the Desert”  – by Steve Loopstra

The city of Algodao de Jandaira, Brazil was dying. Those who could leave had left, and the remaining two thousand were living in  “survival mode.” No significant rain  had fallen in that region of Northern Brazil for 23 years. The little available water was brown and brackish. Living in mud and stick houses, most of the people survived from day to day on meager rations.

But the Lord had a purpose and destiny for little Algodao, and in the Fall of 2002, God launched His miraculous plan.

When God Transforms the Desert tells the incredible story of God’s power to transform lives, churches, communities and the very land  itself for His Glory.

Your book is an amazing, wonderful story of God’s blessings – I hope MANY have the chance to read it — I couldn’t stop after I began! Very well written!                            – Mary, former missionary to Brazil

It’s AWESOME! What a most amazing delightful account that is truly inspirational!     – Sharron


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