Update – Pastor of Intercesssion – Summer 2013

This summer my role at the church solidified into the position as Pastor of Intercession here at First Baptist Church in Valentina.

As language skills continue to improve, I will do more first-hand teaching, but here are some of my responsibilities as Pastor of Interecession

Continue to write the weekly Prayer Guide based upon the theme of the church for each year.

I lead a time of corporate prayer just before the sermon at each of the two Sunday evening services.

leading congregation in prayer







leading congregation in prayer 2







I continue to give leadership to the ministry of the Boiler Room (House of Prayer)

I give leadership and oversight to the intercession ministry which includes a prayer room at the church, and intercessors at each of our worship services on Sundays, and Wednesdays.

I will begin to do more direct teaching and working on building intercessory teams for each of the Pastoral Staff

I will continue to do ongoing teaching on building a culture of prayer within the life of the church.

These are exciting days, and I am blessed to be doing the things that I love serving our King here with a wonderful church.




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