Brazil – The Vision

Ministries –

As outlined by Bishop Eneas, they are already anticipating my contributions there to the ministry.

Of course the first six months at least will be dedicated to language learning and acculturation. I am in the process of learning Portuguese, and when I arrive, I will be immersed, and the learning curve will rise sharply. After this time of adaptation, I will begin to ease into the following areas of ministry, and more as the Lord leads.

  • Teaching and Mentoring in Prayer Ministry
  • Leadership Training
  • Teaching in the church Seminary
  • Teaching English
  • Literature Production

In addition to these ministries in Brazil itself, we are already planning on working with churches here in the U.S. to take teams to Brazil to Joao Pessoa and Algodao de Jandaira to learn and experience the atmosphere of transformation

And to bring teams from Brazil to share with communities in the U.S. what they have learned in their walk of Transforming Revival.

Be sure to check get on our mailing list and check back at the “Updates” page for the latest information on these exciting possibilities.

Time Line –

You might ask, “When do you plan on being in Brazil?” Well, the answer to that question is not easy. The time to process of obtaining the proper visa is not certain, and the process of foreclosure on the  house is also not known. My prayer and anticipation is that I will be able to be in Brazil by December of this year, 2012.

Your prayers for this process are coveted. It all is in the Lord’s Hands, and He will accomplish what He has planned.

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