Invitation Letter from Pastor Viniani Nakauyaca

Pr Vuni
Covenant Evangelical Church of Fiji
Healing The Land Ministry International
P.O.Box 1401
Fiji Islands
15th August, 2016


Invitation For Mr. Steve Loopstra To Visit Fiji and do interview with a view To write a Book regarding the Fiji Stories on Community Transformation


Hello there brother Steve Loopstra, on behalf of the Covenant Evangelical Church of Fiji and its Transformation/evangelistic arm; The Healing The Land Ministry International would like to invite your good self to come and have a visit with us early 2017.  We know from your current involvement and interest on writing books on transformational matters, we feel that you should come and help interviews and write a book on what the Lord doing in our nation Fiji.


We are therefore looking to this project be undertaken by you with a desire to preserve in written form what God is doing in our generation, the story as you know would be the best way to conserve what God does in a generation and intentional passed on to the next generation. As you would know, the story of God’s great wonders can be only enjoyed and experienced by one generation, the danger would for another generation to grow without knowledge of what God does for that generation just like in the book of Judges 2:10 “there grew up another generation who knew neither the Lord nor what he has done for Israel”


With these few words, we are indeed blessed if you could be available to gather information from all communities that are undergoing transformation and possibly write a book about our story of transformation.

Your In His Service


Vuniani Nakauyaca


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