Update – November 2013 – ACCIDENT!!

As part of my leading prayer during the services, on October 27th, based upon 2 Thessalonians 3:1, I ran down the isle of the church yelling, “The Word of God is running!” The idea was to pray as Paul requested that the Word of God would run through the streets of our cities, states and nations.

Two days later, on October 29th, I was riding my bicycle home, and was hit by a motorcycle, which fled the scene. The accident resulted in a fractured tibia in my left leg, and came close to a fracture of my right leg as well. By the Grace of God, the rest of the injuries were a lot of bruising, and lacerations from my impact with the pavement.
head - sm leg - sm

I was taken to the trauma hospital here in Joao Pessoa, and had surgery on Monday, November 4th. This in itself was an amazing miracle. I was told that most people have to wait four to five months for a similar surgery.  I received 8 pins in my leg, and 10 stitches. I was released on Wednesday, November 6th, and will need to be off my feet for 90 days.
The significance of the prayer on Sunday, and the accident on Tuesday was not lost on the church here. But what the enemy intended for evil, we believe God will turn to good for His Kingdom (Romans 8:28).
The church, and my fiance ( yes, you read correctly… we have a date set for next year) Crizelania have been amazing in their commitment to my recovery. Crizelania has given up a lot to lead in my recovery needs. I am so grateful.

Criz e eu-sm
Prayer Needs…

Obviously, this is not something that I would have ever anticipated, but now comes the challenge to trust in God, and others to get me to the other side of this.

1) Pray for speedy healing and recovery.  90 days puts the date at February 4th. However, Crizelania and I have plans for a January 24th wedding. We are praying that we will NOT have to change the date, but God will strengthen me.

2) Pray for the ongoing expenses of nursing care, medications, bandages, and the yet unknown costs of the operation and hospital stay..

3) Pray for Criz, as she is juggling her work needs, and caring for my recovery. Pray for strength, and endurance with the many challenges that are on her shoulders.


Finally, pray that the Lord will bring glory to His Name through this situation. Already we have seen the “Word of God running” through the hospital, and in the lives of those close to us.

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