Teaching and Training

Here is a list of the teachings and training seminars that we can make available to you and your church.

We are available for pulpit supply or temporary preaching assignments. If interested, contact us to discuss your needs.

The schedules of these can be adjusted to the desires of your church or organization. A suggested number of days or sessions are included in the description.

Conferences of longer length allow us to go into greater depth in these topics if you desire the number of days can be adjusted to fit your needs and requirements.

For more information contact us and we can discuss what would best work for your needs.


Teaching the Principles and Application of Transformation and Healing the Land This teaching involves the Biblical Foundation for Transformation, and the Healing of the Land as mentioned in 2 Chronicles 7:14. Along with learning what transformation is, you will learn from real life examples, what it would take to bring genuine transformation to your community, and  your region. These teaching are based upon Scripture, and what God is doing in our day.

Developing a Culture of Prayer in Your Church This can be a weekend conference, a Friday, and/ or Saturday and Sunday morning. Designed to introduce your church to the understanding that prayer is more than a program but must be a part of the very culture of the church, and how to pursue that.

Intercessor Training for the Local Church An introduction to the ministry of intercession in the local church, what is intercession, who is an intercessor? How do they relate to the church, and church leadership? How to begin to establish a ministry of intercession in the church.

Eight Characteristics of Revival in Revelation 1-3The letters in Revelation 1-3 are more than prophesy or history, they are the heart of Jesus for a revived church. What we can learn about Revival from these letters. Notice, there are “eight” characteristics and “seven” churches in Revelation 1-3. Length could be three to five days.

Developing a Heart for RevivalDesigned to be a three day weekend workshop dealing with developing our personal intimate relationship with the Lord, Understanding the  greatly forgotten truth of the “Fear of the Lord,” and teaching what is the “Manifest Presence” of God and how that “Manifest Presence” transforms our lives and the society around us as we live as a people who carry His presence into our world.

Intercession in these days Living in these days is very much like the first-century church, calls for a new  understanding of spiritual warfare, intercession and holy living. This is designed to be more advanced training and challenge for those who need encouragement, who have grown weary, or who want to know how to operate in intercession in these challenging days.

Eight Lifestyle Challenges from Psalm 105 – A study of the eight attributes that as mentioned in Psalm 105, as basic Lifestyle characteristics that we need to have in our lives and how to maintain those. Suitable for a day seminar or Sunday message.

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