About Steve Loopstra

Rev. Steve Loopstra Director, Your Servant in Christ Ministries Your Servant in Christ Ministries was born out of a heart to help God’s people love Him supremely, and to help them prepare their own hearts, families, churches and communities for the transforming presence of God. Rev. Steve Loopstra also serves as an instructor with The Sentinel Group, based in Monroe, Washington. The Sentinel Group is a Christian research and information agency dedicated to helping the Church pray knowledgeably for end-time global evangelization and enabling communities to discover the pathway to genuine revival and societal transformation.. Steve is ordained with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. He served as an Alliance pastor for over twenty years. Steve, with his wife, Marilou have pastored in California, Iowa and Minnesota. In addition they have served as missionaries in Europe. Steve has helped give leadership to the prayer movement in the Christian and Missionary Alliance, in the Twin Cities area and in national prayer initiatives. Steve served for 11 years at the Executive Director of Prayer Transformation Ministries in Minneapolis, MN. Steve is an author, speaker, and prayer leader locally and nationally, a member of the National Prayer Committee and serves on the Board of Directors of the National Church Prayer Leaders Network. Steve has also led prayer journeys to Mali, West Africa, Muslim N. Africa and Berlin, Germany. Steve leads Pastors Prayer Summits, Concerts of Prayer, and teaches and preaches on prayer and revival in churches and conferences.