YSICM Mission Statement Teaching #2


This continues a series of teaching on the mission  and philosophy of Your Servant in Christ Ministries… for you to understand our heart for you, your congregation and God’s Transforming heart for your community.


The Mission of Your Servant in Christ Ministries is to serve congregations with the goal that they fulfill the first and great commandment to be God-hungry believers, living  and ministering out of a culture of prayer, so that together with others in their community, they might hunger for, and invite God’s transforming Presence into their lives, their families, their churches and into their communities for the Glory of His Name.

  • Parts of Mission Statement: To serve Congregations
  • Fulfill the first and great commandment to be God-hungry believers
  • Living and ministering out of a culture of prayer
  • Together with others in the community
  • Hunger for and invite God’s Transforming Presence
  • For the Glory of His Name

        To serve Congregations

A     The Local Church is the instrument that God has chosen to reach our world

i.     Jesus’ words to Peter that He (Jesus) would build His Church (Mt. 16:18)

ii.     The Great Commission to go into all the world, was given to the Church as a whole. Matthew 28:28

iii.     The Power to operate as a Great Commission church is  – Love John 3:16, I Jn. 5 – Love for the Lord, and as a fruit of that, love for those who need to know the Good News about Jesus.

B     Local congregations/ the local church is in need of renewing that first love.

i.     The law of Spiritual Entropy – Entropy is the measure of how disorganized and random a system is. The Second Law of Thermodynamics says that unless outside energy is provided, a system will find its entropy (disorder) staying the same or increasing as time goes on. A system will never get more ordered without outside intervention.

ii.     Revelation 1-3 – esp. 3 and the letter to Ephesus – They had lost their first love. It is a call to remember and return.


c.     When the local church is operating and living out what God intended, it will reach and grow in the fulfillment of the Great Commandment.

i.     Filled with the Spirit of God

ii.     Avid students of the Word of God

iii.     In communion with other believers – The Church (Capitol C)

iv.     Contributing to a “Culture of Prayer”

D    The Manifest Presence of God is the power that gives us the ability to overcome Spiritual Entropy and ability to fulfill the Great Commission.

i.     Understanding the Manifest Presence of God.

ii.     Earnestly Seeking His Manifest Presence.

iii.     Learning to live and minister in the Presence.


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