Lessons from my Accident – part 1


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On Sunday, October 27th, in our church, I opened the prayer time by running down the isle of the church saying, “The Word of God is Running!” based upon 2 Thess. 3:1, Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you.


On Tuesday, October 29th, as I was riding my bicycle home, I was struck by a hit and run motorcycle driver. The accident left me with a severely fractured tibia, and assorted contusions and bruising. I was taken to the local trauma hospital here in Joao Pessoa, Brazil.

What follows are some reflections on things the Lord has been speaking to me about this incident, and lessons for myself and all of us.


It is the most common response, and the least answered question in times of tragedy and pain… “why?”  Because God made us as rational beings, with reasoning powers, our first tendency when faced with overwhelming circumstances is to ask why. What caused this to happen to me? Or my loved one? Did they do something wrong? Is this a result of some sin or poor choice?  The best response to these kinds of question is found in the incident with the man born blind in John 9:1-5. Jesus response to the question of why by the disciples was to point them to the work of God, and the power of God at work in the man’s life.

Certainly being hit by a motorcycle and fracturing my tibia and being laid up for weeks of recovery was not something I ever thought would happen to me.

head - smAnd, to be honest there were those times when I asked that unanswerable question of why. Why now? Why me? Why here in a foreign country so far from everything familiar? What’s happening to my life?

But in the midst of the confusion and the tragedy, God was showing that He was in the midst of the situation. My fiancé, Crizelania was on the scene almost immediately, and became my life giving advocate. The pastor of the church was there to help and to advocate at the hospital, members of the church  became involved and were touched by how God was working in the midst of this difficulty.

kika2-smPersonal stories were written on the hearts of those who got close to our experiences. God was showing up and working, and as Jesus said to His disciples… so the power of God might be seen in him.

This saga is not yet finished. God has spoken to our hearts that He can use this for His glory on into the future. When I came to Brazil, it was with the call of Psalm 71:17-21 on my life. Verses 17 – 18 say: O God, you have taught me from my earliest childhood, and I constantly tell others about the wonderful things you do. Now that I am old and gray, do not abandon me, O God. Let me proclaim your power to this new generation, your mighty miracles to all who come after me.

One of the things the Lord spoke to me after the accident as I was reviewing this call on this season of my life, was that God reserves the right to decide HOW that will be fulfilled. His calling is still in effect, and He can decide how he wants to demonstrate that power in and through us. Our part is to be a willing vessel.

I do not know if,  in the Lord’s presence He will explain to us the “why’s” of our lives. But I suspect that when we are there in His presence, we will no longer have a need to understand why, because He will be all the answer we need.

’till next time…

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The Ministry of the “Boiler Room”


One of the exciting ministries that has now begun here at PIB (  Primeira Igreja Batista ) First Baptist Church in Valentina… is the “Boiler Room,” or  House of Prayer.

The term “Boiler Room” has reference to the ministry of Charles Spurgeon, who attributed the power and success of his crusades to the men and women who would intercede for him in the boiler. See this link: “Spurgeon’s Boiler Rooms”

Here at PIB, the “Boiler Room” was inaugurated in December of 2012 with a great celebration in front of the house.  boiler room opening1The “Boiler Room” actually  began functioning in January of 2013

Currently, we have one week per month that is 24/7 prayer and worship. The church is built upon a cell group model, so each cell group takes at least one two hour session in the “Boiler Room” each week. This includes men, women, youth, adolescents, and children. children





The “Boiler Room” is located on the first floor of the house where I live. I live on the second floor. That enables me to give oversight to the “comings and goings”  of the “Boiler Room,” and be blessed by the worship and prayer that takes place just below me.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA





The “Boiler Room” consists of several rooms and areas in the house.

First is the Area of Promises. Here intercessors can post promises from God, and be reminded of His promises in their lives and the lives of others they are praying for.

Room of Promises



There is also the Room of Worship… click on this link to watch a YouTube video. You will  get a little peek at what happens here. Boiler Room Worship

Then there is the Room of Silence. A place for meditation, Bible reading and prayer for the nations. Room of Silence When I moved here from the US, I brought with me some items that we had collected in our travels over the years. In this room and the Room of Promises, I have placed these items as ways to remind intercessors to pray for the nations.

Then there is the Room of the Arts, where people cRoom of the Artsan express their hearts of intercession or adoration to the Lord through art, and post these on the walls.


In the months ahead, it is our goal to continue to expand the ministry of the “Boiler Room” until we do have 24/7 prayer 365 days a year.


Please join us in prayer that the Lord would do mighty things here in Valentina, in Joao Pessoa, in Brazil and in the Nations as the incense of intercession flows from our “Boiler Room”


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The Adventure Continues…

The Adventure Continues…

Hezekiah put his whole trust in the GOD of Israel…  He held fast to GOD—never loosened his grip—and obeyed to the letter everything GOD had commanded Moses. And GOD, for his part, held fast to him through all his adventures.2 Kings 18:5-7 (MSG)

Indeed the Lord is faithful to hold us fast as we follow Him on the adventures He has ready for us. In December of 2011, the Lord invited me on an adventure with Him. The invitation came with the picture of a motorcycle and sidecar.  He was driving the motorcycle, and I was in the sidecar. My job is not to drive, but to trust Him as He drives. My job is to stay in the sidecar.

Thanks to Daron Otis for this totally awesome depiction of my adventure…and more to come!

Some time after that I looked up the definition of “Adventure.”  At Dictionary.com, adventure is defined in this way:  1) an exciting or very unusual experience. 2) participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit of adventure. 3) a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome.

And certainly this new adventure is full of the spirit of adventure, exciting undertakings and actions of uncertain outcome! From the very beginning, God has proved Himself faithful and has reminded me that He is holding me fast…even as I never loosen my grip on Him.

On October 25, 2012, I will board a flight that will bring me to the city of Joao Pessao, Brazil, and the People of First Baptist Church of Valentina. A people I have come to love and cherish over the  past four years of my travels there. Their story is the subject of my book, “When God Transforms the Desert.” 

And true to the definition, there is the element of uncertain outcome. Who know what lies before me on this adventure? I certainly do not, but my “Daddy” does. And wherever He takes me, it will be good.There have been many confirmations along the way. The phone call in which I was told (by someone who was not aware of the invitation from Pastor Eneas for me to join them in Brazil) that I had a “Macedonian Call” on my life. The time as I was driving, feeling overwhelmed, said out loud, “Jesus, we need to have a talk.” And at that very moment, a bright green…  you guessed it, motorcycle and sidecar drove past on the other side of the road. Yes, He has proven Himself Faithful over and over again.

I want to take a moment here, and encourage you to believe God for your adventure. The one God has in His heart for you. To join Him on this “Great Adventure,” do not fear, He knows all about you, He has an adventure that is tailor made for who He made you to be.

If you accept, you will find the road, unknown, challenging, “adventurous” yet so wonderful because He is there with you all the way, never loosening His grip on you. Showing you facets of His wonderful character and faithfulness that you would never have know if you had not accepted His invitation to join Him on your adventure.

I do not know what your adventure might be like, but I know if you hold tight, and stay in the sidecar, it will be a ride you will never regret.  Ask Him what your adventure might be.




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